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George at Arajani x Alessandria Karo
Maremmas of kennel "Iz Korolevstva D'Allba"

Our story
After we had moved to the city suburb we started to think about a dog to guard the territory, which could live outside and get along with other large dogs (Dobermans), would not offend small dogs (Russian Toy Terriers), and would understand which cats are from inside and which from outside. At that time we still didn’t know what breed of dog we would like to have, but we definitely knew that we didn’t want to have standard sheepdogs, which have already become tedious. It was just a matter of case – the acquaintance of our acquaintance has sold sheepdogs of breed which was quite new in Russia. It was the Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog. They were puppies looking like white bear cubs and after some reflections we took one such bear cub to our home.

Alessandria Karo has put her best foot forward. It was a well-balanced dog understanding what it should do and what it should not do, and at the end we fell in love with this breed and wanted to get more such dogs. The decision was not hard to plumb. The Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog is an Italian sheepdog and you obviously should go to Roma to get it, moreover, it should surely be a male dog – that’s how we’ve got a one more bear cub called Jorik, officially named George at Arajani.
Kennel "Iz Korolevstva D'Allba"
Registered in FCI since 1996

Our dogs
We love our dogs and therefore we’ve created comfortable conditions for them, such as summer and winter crates with tiles and heated floors, outside runs, specially prepared places in order to prevent their legs and snow-white hair getting dirty, high-quality nutrition, advanced immunization, and other veterinary care as well as video surveillance for our dogs’ safety.

Our puppies wait for loving and reliable owners, welcome to our kennel.

Kennel Iz Korolevstva D'Allba St.Petersburg, Russia
Natalia Dmitrieva +7-911-251-76-42
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