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Russian Toy Terrier Doberman Maremma Sheepdog

George at Arajani

Date of Birth: 09.11.2013
Father: Pericle
Mather: Tabata di Arajani

Interchampion, champion of Russia, Estonia, Belarus, Finland, Lithuania. Т-1. HD-A (Estonia).

George at Arajani is imported from Italy.

George at Arajani passes over to its offsprings a gorgeous skeleton, beautiful head, and almond eyes.
The young successively take part in contests and please their owners with their compliant and balanced character.

11.09.2016: Judge: Matejcic Jasna (Croatia): CACIB, BOB
10.09.2016: Belarus winner
10.09.2016: Champion of Belarus
10.09.2016: Judge: Sarmont Tanara (Belarus): CACIB, BOB
08.05.2016: Judge: Irina Azen (Estonia): CAC, BOB
26.01.2016: Champion of Russia
21.12.2015: Champion of RKF
15.09.2015: Examination: Т-1
12.12.2015: Judge: Juslin Johan (Finland): CACIB, BOB
28.11.2015: Judge: Trofimov Dmitriy(Russia): CAC, BOB
06.09.2015: Judge: Bauzhes Ekaterina (Russia): CAC, CW, Best in Group II
06.09.2015: Judge: Repina Lidija (Russia): CAC, CW, Best in Group II
23.08.2015: Judge: Valentinas Stiklius (Lithuania): CACIB, CW, CAC, BOB
29.06.2014: Judge: Mr Salvatore Tripoly (Italy): BIP, CW, Best Puppy
09.11.2013: Pedigree

After a dog show in Finland
George at Arajani
George at Arajani (on the left) after a dog show in Belarus
George at Arajani